Images on this website are available for purchase, either as digital copies for online use or as high quality prints. The photographs shown here have been resized at a low resolution for web use; originals are generally of a much higher quality.
Photos provide beautiful, intriguing and sometimes dramatic images, but video can really enable us to share the underwater experience with others. It is about behaviour and passive interaction, and really shows the vibrancy of life on the reef. See my motion page for examples.
As both a licenced UAV pilot/operator and an experienced photographer, I have a unique combination of skills and equipment to enable the capture of high quality aerial imagery on a commercial basis. From stunning landscapes and cinematic videos, to detailed infrastructure assessments and surveys, I am well placed to provide value for money aerial imagery services.
Diving and photography 
A PADI Instructor since 1997, I enjoy helping divers become responsible, aware and safe underwater photographers. 
Underwater photography is a great way to broaden your dive experience and share it with friends and family. With the right training, using a camera underwater can greatly improve your buoyancy skills and positioning, and make you a much better diver.
If you’re not sure if underwater photography is for you, before you go out and buy that expensive equipment, contact me to discuss. I can help you purchase the right gear for your needs and experience, get you started, and help you with positive critique and mentoring. See my equipment page to see what I use.