A diver since the early 90's and a photographer for much longer than that, I brought the two together in around 2010. Working as an instructor and dive guide in the 90's I saw (and reprimanded...) too many selfish underwater photographers, seemingly oblivious to the impact that their poor and inconsiderate diving skills were having on the fragile underwater world. I stuck to topside photography, and focussed my underwater time on training others and cultivating safe, aware and capable divers. I occasionally used cameras in dive classes as I found that, with the right techniques and instruction, they can improve a diver's buoyancy skills and positioning. In the wrong hands however, they can cause destruction and damage to the reef... I eventually bought myself a cheap compact camera and found that even with basic equipment I could capture some wonderful images - the photo of the turtle below, for example, is the photo that made me realise that underwater photography was special and would give me a way of sharing the underwater realm with others.                                  
I gradually increased my underwater photography skills, applying my topside knowledge together with a love of low-impact diving. It's not all about the photo; it is about the reef and the critters, and the quest to capture a photograph of them. Underwater photography has now become one of my biggest passions in life. Water (in general) is another. As a professional hydrogeologist I worked for over 20 years to provide safe and sustainable public drinking water supplies for towns and communities, firstly in the Sultanate of Oman and then in the Northern Territory, Australia. Since 2020 I have been based in Cairns, with the Great Barrier Reef on my doorstep.
I purchased my first basic drone in late 2014 and quickly realised how this amazing tool would help me to extend my photographic experiences. I quickly moved to a professional system and enjoyed learning how to capture dramatic stills and video. I am now a fully licenced drone pilot and certified operator, providing commercial aerial imaging services.